Alboraya: Horchata Festival

​Alboraya ​is a small towm and the muncipality of Spain, in the Valencia region, and it's not far north from the Valencia capital.

​This city is not attract much tourist interest, but the most reccomended visit is an old bridge, 'Puente del Moro' ​built in the era that this region was controlled by the Arabs.
​Alboraya is much loved by the Valencians for it's easy access to the sea and the beach. This is why many people come here at the weekend with family or friends.

​But one day a year at the beginning of June the town is the setting for the most important festival that's celebrated - the HORCHATA FESTIVAL

​Alboraya is known as the birthplace of the horchata because traditionally they serve this drink in the city due to the nearby tiger nut fields.
​The horchata is a refreshing drink ​that's very sweet. It's made with water, sugar, and ground tiger nuts, and it also gets it's flavour from cinamon and lemon zest.
​We will be able to try this typical drink in the bars here where it is locally called the HORCHATERIA

​fun fact : There is a story from the Reconquista era that explains why the drink is called the horchata (orxata in Valencian). Legend has there was once a peasant who took the King of the Aragon Crown, Jaime I 'the Conquerer' a small horchata. The king liked the taste so much that he asked what it was. The girl told him that it was tiger nut milk. The king then exclaimed ‘¡Esto no es leche, esto es oro, chata!’ meaning 'this is not milk, this is gold, girl!'. And due to this play on words of 'oro' and 'chata' we now call this drink the horchata.

​During the festival which starts at midday there will be a range of activities such as free horchata for everyone, sports workshops, folk dances and concerts.

​We will also visit the horchata factory where we will be taught how this popular drink is made.