Public transportation is absolutely necessary in Valencia because of the size of the city. We at Happy Erasmus share a few golden tips with you for the best way of public transportation!

Móbilis or SUMA public transport card:

The Móbilis card (Tarjeta Móbilis) is a unique personalized transport card you can use for the subway, bus and the bike app ‘’Valenbisi’’. This card is the only one that can be rechargeable in Valencia. There is also the Suma card which is practically the same card however doesn’t have the personalized status. Basically it is a general public transport card.

Finding your transport route:

If you want a clear overview of your transportation route you could do so by using the EMT route planner. You only enter your tour start and destination. After this it will show you the stops and timeframes of your transportation.

Public transport route planner​

Contact info for the bus:

Telephone number: +34 963 158 515 - www.emtvalencia.com

Connections to the whole city. The price of one ticket is 1.50€, with the option of buying 10 tickets or a monthly ticket at a tobacconist or newsagents (this makes each journey slightly cheaper).


Contact info for the metro:
Telephone number: 900 461 046 -  www.metrovalencia.com
There are five metro lines in the city that connect the main neighborhoods. The price of a single ticket is 1.50€ but you can also buy  several tickets at once.
One of the tram lines goes straight to the beach.


Contact info for the taxi:
Radio Taxi Telephone number: +34 963 703 333

Tele Taxi Telephone number: +34 963 571 313

Onda Taxi Telephone number: +34 963 475 252

Taxi-Valencia Telephone number: +34 607 181 181

A journey usually costs around 7€ (for example - from the center to the university)


Contact info for the bike app ‘’Valenbisi’’

Telephone number: 902 006 598 - www.valenbisi.es
Valenbisi is a new way of urban transport. It is an ecological friendly option to get around town which is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
More cities adapt to this way of transportation. In the Valencia area there are around 2750 bikes available at 275 different stations.
You can find the nearest stations for the bikes in the link below:


Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions related to public transportation. You can do so by phone, our socials or come visit the Happy Erasmus office!