Cada viernes el punto de encuentro Erasmus es en MYA: La más famosa y espectacular discoteca de Valencia! En la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias!!! Apuntate en nuestra lista para entrar gratuitamente!


Sign up now on our list with free admission!

Opening hours: 00h00-06h30
From 00h00 to 1h30: free entry with our list
After: € 13 (with list) and € 16 (without list)
Address: Av Autopista Saler, 5, 46013 Valencia

* Arrive with time to be able to enter free given that a large queue is formed and you have to count on the waiting time.

We have the most special party in the best nightclub in the city!
It is located within the famous City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

Thousands of students gather every Friday to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. It is an important event in the social life of the City of Valencia - something that can not be missed!

The MYA disco has the country's best sound equipment, incredible spaces and diverse musical environments. All this makes people of different tastes go as well in their facilities. If you are from electronic music, Latin music or R&B - you are going to spend an unforgettable night!


Fecha y Hora de Salida: 26/04/2019 23:59
Fecha y Hora de Vuelta: 26/04/2019 06:30
El horario de vuelta puede estar sujeto a posibles variaciones dependientes de factores externos tales como: estado del tráfico, embarque, etc...